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Our ENERGY PATROL GROUP consists of a few firms specializing in the following electric topics:

  • power cable and lines,
  • power stations,
  • measuring arrangement and
  • electric network low voltage.

Our GROUP creates a competent team - similar to power utilities - the complete and authorized staff.

Our GROUP is similar to power utility staff fully AVAILABLE specialized unit actingin the area of Warsaw having well trained staff with proper professional qualifications and years of experience.

Our EMERGENCY TEAM works for you around the clock 365 days a year!!! We are having the authority of: COMMAND, PERMISSION and CONTROL.

Our GROUP runs professionally high power stations and power grids which have not be overseen by power companies. We supervise the power grid components and plants in compliance with the existing  regulations listed below.
Besides we are renovating, preserving, building, projecting electrical network and power stations and measuring arrangement.

Over many years of joint work on power stations around Warsaw (as contractor and subcontractor of firms running the whole plant) we have gained customer's appreciation and references.

In compliance with the existing regulations our workers undergo industrial safety trainings (BHP) periodically or at a work-stand.

We are insured against civil liability !!!

We fully take responsibility for safe and regulations-compliant operation of power station components and we can represent the owner in contacting the proper Power Company or in case of external inspection.

Employing our GROUP can be very beneficial for you, because:

  • we carry out the power supply optimization,
  • we can detect spots of excessive and unnecessary thermal energy emission using a thermovisual camera and by removing these defects we help you save your electric energy,
  • we offer savings on lighting on the basis of "KRABE" company devices and even:
  • by engaging "MEGAN" company (Supported Employment Enterprise) for which we work as subcontractors on many facilities, remuneration for protection, cleaning, technical supervision is transferred by virtue of the Act from your income to the obligatory amount for the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON), reducing its value by the payment for "MEGAN".
  • It can turn out that you receive our services FOR FREE!

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